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Square Enix Has Scrapped Games That Don’t Fit In With Its New Business Strategy

Square Enix has announced that it has cancelled development of a number of unannounced projects that do not fit in with the company’s newly-revealed strategy.

Back in March the company revealed that it was planning on cancelling or rescoping various titles, but at the time didn’t elaborate any further. However, speaking in its latest financial report, the Final Fantasy creator has revealed that it has scrapped some titles and explained its reasoning behind the decision.

The Japanese publisher revealed that profits were down nearly 70% from the previous year, in part due to “the recognition of ¥22,087 million ($141 million) in losses on disposal of content as an extraordinary loss.” These losses were based on “the termination of development efforts for some key pieces of content in the Digital Entertainment segment.”

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The unannounced titles were scrapped due to them not fitting in with the company’s business strategy, which focuses on multiplatform development of AAA games to ensure the more players are able to experience its games.

[Source – VGC]