Square Enix hints at possible FFXIII sequel

Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase has expressed interest in producing additional material to allow gamers to ‘further understand’ Final Fantasy XIII’s storyline, hinting that a possible sequel might be on the cards.

Chatting with FFXIII Ultimania Omega, Kitase revealed his intention to pass along the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythology and depict events that won’t be present in upcoming titles Final Fantasy Agito & Versus XIII, which are currently in the works for PSP and PS3, respectively.

Asked specifically whether or not this could mean us getting a potential FFXIII-2 (similar to how Square released FFX-2), the FFXIII producer responded that it would be purely down to “fan reaction.”

Motomu Toriyama also chipped in on the matter, adding, "I’d like to at some point make a story where Lightning ends up happy."

Elsewhere, the team also addressed the subject of DLC, insisting that next time around post-release content will be a “priority” for the developers.

As for a new title from the FFXIII makers, Kitase let slip that staff adhere to a company policy of churning out games at a pace of roughly one title every two years.