Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2008 News

Square Enix talks FF Versus XIII PS3 exclusivity

Following the shocking news of Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform, Square Enix has taken the opportunity to address its plans in regards to keeping Final Fantasy Versus XIII exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

In an interview with Square Enix Executive Shinji Hashimoto, it was revealed that not only will the game remain a PS3 exclusive, but game director Tetsuya Nomura (Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy VII) is developing another game outside of Versus called "One Goal Spirit."

"We won’t change policy," said Hashimoto. "Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PlayStaion 3 exclusive."

Hashimoto also revealed that due to Nomura putting all his time and resources into Final Fantasy XIII, Noruma won’t be able to devote much into "One Goal Spirit" as of yet.

We are hoping that Square Enix sticks to their word this time with Versus XIII, as the loss of Final Fantasy XIII’s exclusivity will undoubtedly add to the hardware sales that "could’ve been" for the PS3.