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Square Enix To Announce Multiple New Games At E3

Square Enix To Announce Multiple New Games At E3

Square Enix have revealed that they are planning to announce multiple new games at E3 this year. The news came from a tweet from David Gibson, an investor in Tokyo who attended the latest earnings call for Square Enix.

He states the following:

“Square Enix commented it had many titles to come in FY3/20 (2019-2020)… The main issue being timing and quality of the games, said it would announce titles at E3, wanted to ensure short time between announcement and release.”

So, what could this mean. We know that Square Enix have Babylon’s Fall from Platinum Games in the pipeline; However, outside of that we don’t know much else. There is the ever elusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake which has shifted developers and had development halted multiple times. Announced in 2015, a 2019 release could seem plausible, especially if it is episodic as the rumours suggest.

We also know about The Avengers Project currently in development at Crystal Dynamics. Announced over two years ago in January 2017, we expected to see it at last year’s E3. So, my bets are on it making a big appearance in June.

We may also see a tease of Deck Nine’s new narrative adventure game, Eidos Montreal’s supposed Guardians of the Galaxy game, and People Can Fly’s brand new AAA shooter. And, there is always hope for some more NiER.

Square Enix To Announce Multiple New Games At E3

That same investor’s call also revealed that Just Cause 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider suffered from weak initial sales at their respective launches. However, Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s sales did pick up over the holiday.

Source – Square Enix via Twinfinite and ResetEra