Star Trek Online launches on PS4 this week

With little fanfare to announce its arrival, Star Trek Online will be available to download on PlayStation 4 this week, on September 9, 2016.

Star Trek Online PS4 release date

The news that the free-to-play MMORPG from Cryptic Studios is hitting the PlayStation Store comes from the latest PlayStation Blog update, which confirms all games that will be available to download this week.

star trek spaceship

Released on PC in February 2010, Star Trek Online tasks players with captaining their own ship. Players can expect some enhancements over the original, including improved textures and lighting and new effects to ensure the Sci-Fi gunplay is done justice.

Fans will be able to customize ships and characters and improve combat skills in various classes, as well as level-up with skill points, and train existing members of your crew. There’s also a crafting system, a full economy (with optional micro-transactions) and a ton of space-based missions.

Star Trek Online will also launch on Xbox One this week.