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Star Trek: Resurgence Has Been Given A May Release Date For PS5 And PS4

Dramatic Labs narrative-focused Star Trek: Resurgence has finally landed on a May 23, 2023 release date after having previously been set for, then delayed out of 2022.

The news was announced through the game’s official Twitter account, and it’ll arrive on both PS5 and PS4.

“Prepare to make your mark on the galaxy in our interactive narrative adventure game,” said Dramatic Labs. “Where you’re at the heart of an original Star Trek story, and the fate of your crew comes down to your choices!”

Star Trek has never been a bombastic, action-packed sci-fi story when compared to Star Wars, despite the attempts of the modern films to showcase more of that side of the franchise.

It’s always put more emphasis on story and characters, which makes the narrative focus of this game fit very well, and should be a treat for veteran Star Trek fans who’ll be able to get sucked into characters they already know and love alongside some fresh faces in a new way.

Source – [Dramatic Labs]