Star Wars 1313 to release on PS3 this year?

PlayStation’s Germany Facebook page has listed the stunning-looking Star Wars 1313 for release on PlayStation 3 in 2013.

This is somewhat unexpected, as many folk anticipated that the game would turn up on next-generation consoles given the quality of the visuals on display at E3 2012. Furthermore, the fact we’ve heard little on the title since that time hasn’t given us much hope for a 2013 launch.

Speculation has been floating around suggesting the game will be released on both current and next generation machine, though a formal announcement on proposed formats has yet to be issued by LucasArts.

The last time Star Wars 1313 reared its head was at Gamescom 2012. The sci-fi franchise was recently acquired by Disney for a whopping $4.05 billion.

Stay tuned to for more details.

via NeoGAF