Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta changes detailed by EA

Electronic Arts has detailed a number of key changes for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 following completion of the beta earlier this week.

Specifically, the publishing giant confirmed how developers DICE, Criterion, and Motive are tweaking the Star Card/crate systems for the final build of the game. 

The Beta was just a small piece of what we’re making. Yes, there’s more content (new locations, heroes, modes, and the all-new single-player campaign), but we heard your feedback loud and clear after the first game.”

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There is more player choice in multiplayer through a deeper progression system and an evolving, event-driven live service that keeps the community together by moving away from Season Pass and having all new gameplay content free for all Star Wars Battlefront II players.”

Read the list of Star Wars Battlefront 2 changes below.

  • There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits, and Victory Poses.
  • As a balance goal, we’re working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.
  • Crates will include a mix of of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses.
  • Players earn crates by completing challenges and other gameplay milestones, or by purchasing them with in-game credits or Crystals, our premium currency.
  • If you get a duplicate Star Card in a crate, you will get crafting parts which you can then use to help upgrade the Star Card of your choice.
  • And lastly, you have to earn the right to be able to upgrade Star Cards and unlock most Weapons. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game.

Star War Battlefront 2 is due for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on November 17, 2017. 

Unlike the previous game, Battlefront 2 will feature a full-fledged campaign mode, which comes following criticism of the lack of any story mode from the first game. In addition, players will be able to take to the skies in heated space battles outside of the regular on-foot missions.

DICE recently confirmed a new playable character for the highly anticipated science-fiction sequel.

Source: EA