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Star Wars Content Is Making Its Way To Rocket League This Week With Droid Packs

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced that the popular vehicular combat title will be receiving Star Wars content this week as its latest crossover.

Star Wars hasn’t made its way to Rocket League in its eight years on the market, but that will all change with with the arrival of the four Droid Packs due out on May 4 — also known as Star Wars Day. These will feature a decal for an existing Rocket League cars, while the Droid Bundle includes all four packs and bonus items.

The Droid packs are, as you’ve probably twigged, based on iconic Droids from the Star Wars universe — R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, and K-2SO. You can see full details below.

R2-D2 Pack (800 Credits)

  • R2-D2 Octane Decal
  • R2-D2 Wheels
  • R2-D2 Topper

C-3PO Pack (500 Credits)

  • C-3PO Fennec Decal
  • C-3PO Wheels

BB-8 Pack (800 Credits)

  • BB-8 Takumi Decal
  • BB-8 Wheels
  • BB-8 Topper

K-2SO Pack (500 Credits)

  • K-2SO Dominus Decal
  • K-2SO Wheels

Star Wars Droid Bundle

  • R2-D2 Pack
  • C-3PO Pack
  • BB-8 Pack
  • K-2SO Pack
  • R2-D2 Player Anthem
  • ‘Droid’ Player Title

Star Wars Droid + Car Bundle

  • Star Wars Droid Bundle
  • Gold Fennec
  • Black Dominus
  • Cobalt Octane
  • Orange Takumi