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Star Wars: Outlaws Gameplay Revealed At Ubisoft Forward 2023

Star Wars: Outlaws was revealed during yesterday’s Xbox Showcase, and during the Ubisoft Forward 2023 today, we got to see more about what Ubisoft Massive means when it calls Outlaws the “first open-world Star Wars game,”

We also learned more about the game’s narrative, and how it follows Kay Vess on her path to pull off an impossible heist to hopefully rid herself of the bounty on her heard.

Ubisoft Massive creative director Julian Gerighty stepped onstage to introduce Outlaws, before getting into a gameplay trailer that shows Kay Vess and her furry companion Nix stealing from the Pyke’s, a dangerous criminal organization with influence spread across the galaxy.

They escape back to a home base cantina, where a cut-scene begins and we get a look at how Kay Vess has to navigate an Underworld that is quick to turn on you, and the Empire constantly working to have its hands in every pie.

What’s perhaps most exciting is how the game transitions from Kay on the ground into space combat, where we see Kay have to rid the galaxy of a few TIE fighters before hitting the hyper-drive to escape the Empire.

From there its a few small narrative clips of gameplay round it off as a highlight reel of what Outlaws is like, and a 2024 release window to cap off the show.

You can check out the gameplay showcased for yourself, here.

Source – [Ubisoft Forward 2023]