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Star Wars: Outlaws Release Window Still Set For 2024

Star Wars: Outlaws was never officially delayed, but this past October that’s what it looked like when Ubisoft said it had delayed a “large game” originally meant to launch in March 2024.

According to Ubisoft the undisclosed game would now be launching in the companies next fiscal year, and if that game was indeed Star Wars: Outlaws, we now know that it will at least still be arriving in 2024.

That’s according to a Disney Parks blog post, which says the coming criminal-underbelly of the galaxy-focused Star Wars game is set to arrive this year.

“Star Wars Outlaws, the open-world Star Wars game is set to release in 2024.”

If Ubisoft was referring to Outlaws back in October, and it is set to arrive in the companies next fiscal year, but still in 2024 then it’s quite likely we could be looking at a Fall release window, though that’s just speculation.

No matter the case, hopefully we’ll have a proper release date announcement for Star Wars: Outlaws soon.

Source – [IGN]