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Steelrising Is Getting A New Game Plus Mode On September 29

Spiders has announced that Steelrising will receive a New Game Plus on September 29, allowing players to retain their weapons, levels, gear and upgrades when starting a new adventure.

New Game Plus also includes a higher difficulty level, so while you’ll still have all your weapons and gear, enemies will be a lot tougher to deal with, so it won’t be a walk in the park. The update will include the following:

  • New NG+ exclusive weapons;
  • 1 new NG+ exclusive complete outfit;
  • Several NG+ exclusive enemy variations with new skins, new weapons, and as such, new movesets;
  • Ingame balancing for the main game with the ice musketeer, the grenades and ammo, and some bosses;
  • Some fixes for the main game.

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Steelrising was released for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 8, 2022, and you can read our full review here.

[Source – Steelrising Reddit]