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Stellar Blade Director Says The Industry Needs Single-Player Console Games That Have An Ending

Kim Hyung Tae, the director behind Stellar Blade, has stressed the importance of having single-player consoles games that feature a proper ending, and made it clear that developer Shift Up will continue making titles of this type.

Speaking during an interview with Ruliweb, Hyung Tae feels that single-player games that have an ending for players to reach have a lot of value in the games industry, and Shift Up doesn’t plan on deviation from this template.

Sales success has become a severe issue in recent years due to the rising costs of development. To be honest, I often hear advice from people around me that it would be better to make games that have higher profit margins. But what our industry needs than anything is variety, isn’t it?

Console titles, that is single-player games with an ending, have a very important value in themselves. A market where such games continue to be made and coexist with other genres and platforms is healthier.

That’s why Shift Up will continue to take on the challenge of console games in the future. We have a strong desire to continue to create games that allow many gamers to enjoy to the end and return to reality feeling good.

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Stellar Blade is due out on April 26, 2024 for PS5, and Shift Up recently confirmed that it is planning to release free updates post-launch that includes extra costumes and New Game Plus.

[Source – Ruliweb via Genki on Twitter]