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Stellar Blade’s Latest Update Adds Boss Challenge Mode, New Suits And More

Stellar Blade is due to receive another update from developer Shift Up on May 24, 2024, which will surely bring with it a number of bug fixes, as almost every patch these days does.

It’ll also bring much more than that, with a new boss challenge mode being added, new nano suits, and even some specific quality-of-life improvements.

The news was revealed and detailed in a new PlayStation Blog post from the developer, showcasing the new suits for Eve to wear, the coming challenge mode and lists a few of the updates players can expect.

The new boss challenge mode lets you pick from your custom build of Eve or a preset build, which can be either a preset that max’s out Eve’s stats, or brings them down to the absolute minimum for an even greater challenge.

Defeating all the bosses through this challenge mode will also earn you a unique nano suit for Eve. Regarding quality-of-life improvements, with this update players will be able to always have the compass showing on the HUD, and players won’t have to re-lock onto an enemy when switching between ranged and melee combat.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]