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Stellar Blade Update 1.003 Full Patch Notes Released For Boss Challenge Mode, QoL Improvements

Stellar Blade‘s new update is now available to download for PS5 users, which as previously confirmed by Shift Up yesterday, brings a new Boss Challenge Mode and quality-of-life improvements. You can read the full details in the Stellar Blade update 1.003 patch notes below.

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  • Added a new ‘Boss Challenge’ mode. Replay against defeated bosses in multiple settings.
  • Unlock a new costume ‘Neurolink Suit’ by defeating all bosses in the new ‘Boss Challenge’ mode.
  • Two new outfits from the “Kunoichi” series can be obtained at Adam’s safehouse.
  • Fixed bugs such as unplayable sections, events not triggering, and trophies not being awarded.
  • Added an auto-lock-on option when exiting ranged mode.
  • Added option to always show the compass in HUD.
  • Slightly increased the time limit for puzzles.
  • Many other improvements have been made to the controls, balance, and more.


Pits players against 19 bosses from the base game

Progression in Boss Challenge requires battle data from bosses you’ve previously defeated. Players can also fight bosses on Hard difficulty after you’ve seen the ending of the game.

Players can start the challenge by either loading up and using their own gear, or choose one of sevewral presets. You can even choose the minimum preset for a true challenge. On the maximum preset which has all all Eve’s skills and stats buffed up, players can expect an easier time, which is perfect for pulling of awesome combos.

Once the challenge is done, the battle data is analyzed which will give players metrics on how they did. You’ll see battle time, number of perfect parries, dodges, consumable usage and more.

Boss Challenge Reward:

For players who defeat all the bosses on Normal difficulty or higher, you’ll get the Neurolink Suit for Eve.

There are also new Nano Suits added: White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi.


  • Switching to ranged attack mode and switch back while locked on to an enemy, players will automatically lock on to the enemy again
  • Option to always show the compass in the HUD has been added.