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Street Fighter 6 Has Special Animations For Characters Who Score A Perfect Victory

Netting a ‘Perfect’ round in a fighting game – that is, when you defeat your opponent without taking any damage – is something we all strive to achieve. And Street Fighter 6 appears to have something special for those who manage it, with characters boasting special animations for a Perfect win.

Capcom Europe‘s Brand Manager, Matthew Edwards, confirmed the details on Twitter with a video of Luke’s special animation during Japan Expo 2022.

Right now we don’t know if scoring a victory with barely any health will offer similar celebratory antics, but it’s still pretty cool to see that Perfect rounds reward something more than a standard pose.

We recently reported that Street Fighter 6 will be playable at EVO 2022 in August, offering a chance to take the fighting game sequel for a spin before its 2023 launch. Hopefully Capcom will release a demo for home console owners, too.

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Street Fighter 6 will be cracking its knuckles on PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One in 2023.