Stringer: Sony working to refine PS3 price

A drop in the PlayStation 3’s price point has been the subject of much talk lately, and Sony boss, Howard Stringer recently discussed the possibility of a price cut with the Financial Times. During the interview, Stringer admitted that he knew there was "no question" that the "public would like the cost to be lower" and said that Sony is currently working to "refine" the price of the console.

Stringer also promised that Sony will be coming up with a solution to the price issue by the end of this year- when asked by his interviewer if Sony will "come up with an answer by Christmas", he answered, "Yes, of course." This is probably due to the fact that Stringer expects PlayStation 3 sales to pick up during the holiday season.

During the interview, Stringer also talked about rival console, the Nintendo Wii, and said that the reason for its success is a "very good business model", although he did not see both consoles as true competitors, but more "complementary and supplementary".