Suicide Squad game cancelled in favor of new Batman title at WB Montreal

Kotaku is reporting that developer WB Games Montreal has shelved its planned videogame adaptation of Suicide Squad in favor of a new Batman title starring Damian Wayne.

Rumors of Suicide Squad on PS4 and other platforms have been doing the rounds for a while now, with the game reported to feature co-op gameplay and that it has been in development for over two years now. However, the project failed to impress Warner Bros. chiefs during meetings, and after a period of turbulence at the studio, Suicide Squad was ultimately cancelled earlier this month.

Suicide Squad canned, new Batman game in the works?


Warner Bros. Montreal previously worked on the open-world superhero title Batman: Arkham Origins, which was released back in 2013 for last-generation consoles. The game was not included in this year’s Batman: Return to Arkham, which included high-definition remasters of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The studio has not formally announced any new games since shipping Origins, although the Suicide Squad rumours quickly gathered pace after Origins’ ending seemingly teased a project of sorts featuring villainous gang. 

Suicide Squad game release date no more

Naturally, it was assumed the Suicide Squad video game would be released alongside the movie adaptation of the comic book series earlier this summer. That obviously didn’t happen, with Warner Bros. remaining tight-lipped about any possible game starring the government-employed baddies. 

Details regarding the new Batman game are pretty scarce at present, although rumours of a December reveal look unlikely given the recent shakeup at Warner Bros. Montreal. In other words, don’t expect the game to hit shelves for a while.