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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Insider Episode #3 Dives Into Post-Launch Roadmap, “Elseworlds,” Confirms Joker As Playable Character

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is due to arrive on February 2, 2024, which for those counting the days is Friday of next week.

Ahead of that launch, Rocksteady Studios has published the third and final episode of its Suicide Squad Insider video series, with this one diving into endgame content, and confirming a previous tease.

The Joker will return to the Arkhamverse and be a playable character, though he’s not exactly back from the dead.

Thanks to what Rocksteady is calling Elseworlds, a multiverse that’s been opened by Braniac, an alternate universe Joker will join your squad as part of the first season of endgame content.

The Joker that players know from the original Arkham games, who died at the end of Arkham City, is still dead.

All of the endgame content will take place in these Elseworlds, adding a new DC villain every season, each of them adding a new flavour of gameplay to the mix.

You’ll also get a new environment to stomp around in, based off different DC characters.

Rocksteady also confirmed that all the post-launch content will be made available to players for free, the only things they can pay for are cosmetics, if they choose to do so.

Even though this new Joker, and all the other characters that’ll be introduced are from alternate universes, it’ll be interesting to see how Rocksteady handles them.

For example, will we get new layers of story for these characters from their alternate universe-selves? Will any of this lean into the future of Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse projects?

Hopefully all of this extra content won’t just be a way to push new cosmetics, and will include the kind of depth that makes these kinds of market strategies work.

You can check out the full Suicide Squad: Insider episode for yourself, here.

Source – [Rocksteady Studios]