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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Alleged Leaker Admits To Fabricating Parts Of The Plot

The leaker reportedly behind the recent Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League spoilers has admitted to making up various aspects about the game’s plot, and has gone so far as to say they regret talking about the leaks.

Known as Miller, the leaker admitted that the details were flawed and contained a “bastardized retelling” of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s story they regret penning. The notes were stitched together from cutscenes contained in the game’s files, which misses out big parts and lacks context. Furthermore, they admitted to making up parts, and the “major events” that are mentioned were actually mostly speculation and not fact.

In regards to mentioning “this (extremely controversial) thing happened,” Miller said it was more like “I think this thing happened offscreen maybe,” at the very best. Furthermore, an event happens post-story that “completely recontextualizes the story of the game,” but wouldn’t go into any further details.

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In wake of the leak, developer Rocksteady Studios issued a statement expressing its disappointment over the info getting out, and urged fans to avoid spoilers until the game’s release.

[Source – Forbes]