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Super Neptunia RPG plans day one patch for Western release

super neptunia rpg day one patch

Super Neptunia RPG releases in Japan December 20 of last year, and Idea Factory wasted no time on ironing out some game issues. These changes will come in a day one patch when Super Neptunia RPG releases June 25 on Western consoles.

Super Neptunia RPG patch notes

The patch notes detail a great deal of game changes on many different front. Things like cutscene tweaks, audio improvement, proper skill functionality, and even the game’s UI all appear in the list.

Here is the complete list of patch notes for Super Neptunia RPG:


  • Updates on animations
  • Updates on object placement
  • Fixed some conditions that would prevent a cutscene from playing
  • Added the type-style text during cutscenes


  • Improved audio synchronization during certain cut-scenes
  • Fixed some instances of audio corruption
  • Fixed an issue where multiple audio files play at the same time
  • Fixed some voice issues
  • Added some missing voices


  • Better balancing on some quests, skills, and weapons
  • Fixed conditions that prevented a quest’s completion
  • Fixed icons to match their items
  • Fixed some text issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the use of an item
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an ability to work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where a fight would not start in Goddess Mode when it should
  • Fixed some collision and bound issues
  • Fixed some text issues that would now show on-screen
  • Fixed a Break Attack animation that would play off-screen
  • Fixed an issue where Pudding would not show in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a fight from finishing when using fast forward
  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene is played in the wrong order


  • Updates on the Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor goes off-screen
  • Added scrolling for longer text
  • Added a sorting functionality in the menu


  • Stability improvement
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Optimized camera during exploration and cutscenes
  • Changed the saves order from most recent to oldest
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy would remain on the screen after winning a battle
  • Fixed some navigation issues with the D-pad
  • Added some success/fail feedback when fleeing a battle.
super neptunia rpg combat
Super Neptunia RPG combat hearkens to older video games with its 2D, fourth wall-breaking landscape of Gameindustri.

All previous Neptunia games break the fourth wall with its narrative, utilizing different aspects of the actual gaming industry to create their worlds. Some used characters inspired by old consoles, but this game locks itself in the 2D realm, literally. Super Neptunia RPG places our protagonist, Neptune, within the world, called Gameindustri, with no discernible way out. Neptune must take on the path of the Hero in order to escape the 2D world of Gameindustri.

Super Neptunia RPG releases on PS4 June 25 in Western territories.

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