Supermassive Games is not working on Until Dawn 2 for PS4

Supermassive Games has confirmed it is not working on a sequel to PlayStation 4-exclusive teen horror romp, Until Dawn.

"There’s a lot of speculation about what we’re doing and what we’re working on right now," the studio’s Managing Director, Pete Samuels, told "We’re not working on Until Dawn 2 at the moment. We’re working on other things."

One of the titles Supermassive is working on of course is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a spinoff title for PlayStation VR. Beyond that however, the studio revealed it wants to bring that type of experience—that is, games that focus on narrative-driven and cinematic experiences—to other formats.

"We really want to push to bring those experiences, those cinematic storytelling narrative-driven games, be it horror or not, to other platforms as well," he continued. "The switch kind of came with the success of Until Dawn. It’s, ‘Okay, we’ve achieved a stepping stone,’ and it is only a stepping-stone towards, what we want to be as a studio and as a developer."

"It seems that the next logical step for us now is to broaden that out into similar experiences, but with differences depending on the IP, the publisher, the platform, so on. That’s what we want, and that’s what we’re really focused on now… to take what we did with Until Dawn and push that even further."

Until Dawn becomes PS4’s surprise hit of summer 2015

Until Dawn was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 at Gamescom 2012, where the game was confirmed to utilize PlayStation Move. However, after a long period of silence on the project, Sony re-revealed the game for the PS4 back in 2014, and it finally launched last summer.

The game became a surprise hit despite little to no marketing efforts, something which Supermassive was even surprised at.

"I mean, we knew we’d made something really good. We all like it here, we’re very proud of it, but yeah, the way that the fans approached it and the feedback that we got there, and some of the critical acclaim that we got, and the sales… yeah, it couldn’t have put us in a better place really,” admitted Samuels. 

Until Dawn focuses on a group of teenagers who spend the night at a remote cabin in Western Canada’s fictional Blackwood Mountain, only to find themselves being stalked by a mysterious and malevolent presence. 

The game changes entirely depending on your actions, with its cast of eight characters able to survive or meet a grisly end as a result of your choices. As such, Until Dawn possesses ample replay value as you attempt to switch up the story in subsequent playthroughs to unlock new events and endings. 

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