Survey suggests PSP2 may record PS3 gameplay

Though the PSP-3000 was only launched last October, analysts and rumormongers have predicted that a PSP-4000 or a PSP2 that boasts an enhanced feature set is currently in development.

Indeed, we reported a few weeks back that the Official PlayStation Magazine had suggested that PSP2 games could hit stores as early as 2010.

Kotaku is now reporting that Sony has sent out a survey to current PSP owners asking them about the features they would like to see in a new version of the hand-held.

The questions appear to be generally geared toward PSP/PS3 interaction, with one of them asking gamers their opinion on a feature that will allow users to record console gameplay on their PSP in order to show off high scores or “cool moves” to friends.

Part of the survey reads:

“The following statements concern the way you would like a portable device to interact with a console. Rank these statements based on their appeal to you. (1 = Not Appealing, 6 = Very Appealing)

Use the device to complete side missions for console games (unlockables, etc.).

Transfer media (music/pictures/video) wirelessly from the console to the device (broadcast television, new levels for games).

Use the device WHILE PLAYING the console game as an addition weapon/utility to help the gameplay (second player option, radar for incoming enemies, etc.).

Record console gameplay for display on the device (showing off your high scores or "cool moves" to friends).”

So, it looks as though Sony is going all out to make the PSP more appealing to PS3 owners, but do these features really get you excited? Incidentally, the platform holder has yet to confirm that a new version of the PSP is in development.