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Syphon Filter 2 Comes To PS Plus Premium Next Month, And It’ll Have Trophies

Syphon Filter 2 will be one of the classic titles added to PS Plus Premium this coming month, specifically on September 20, 2022.

Bend Studio has also confirmed though that when it does, it’ll have trophies for players to earn as well.

Trophies seem to have quite the effect on PlayStation players, as there are many who’d play games simply because they can earn trophies, specifically platinum trophies from them.

Whether or not Syphon Filter 2 will have a platinum trophy has yet to be confirmed, though every stealth-oriented trophy hunter would be happy to see that be the case when it arrives on the service.

In other PS Plus news, we learned what the three free games for the month of September will be, along with all the other games that are being added to the both the Premium and Extra tiers of PlayStation Plus.

It’s good to see more classic titles this time around, because the lack of them in previous updates hasn’t sat well with fans.

Source – [Bend Studio]