Tabletop hit Armello heading to PS4 on September 1; two new characters revealed

Fantasy tabletop game Armello is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 1 in both North America and Europe, Melbourne-based indie developer League of Geeks has today announced.

The game, which is just about to leave Steam Early Access, looks to combine a deep and intuitive card strategy game with fantasy role-playing elements, culminating in what promises to be a personal and engaging journey.

As per the announcement, League of Geeks also revealed two new characters: 

”The second hero from the Rat Clan, Zosha, the Whisper, takes advantage of the cover of night and goes into Stealth every sunset.  While hidden from sight Zosha can outmaneuver her competition, avoiding aggressive heroes while also sneaking up on those who least expect it.  Her low body stat means she must be careful to pick the right battles, but her unusually strong fight makes her a tough competitor to defend against, especially when her opponent can’t see her coming.

Barnaby, Screwloose, from the Rabbit Clan is an impressive tinkerer allowing him to swap items in and out of his inventory depending on what any given situation calls for, making him highly adaptable to multiple strategies.  His self-made armor grants him a very high body stat allowing him to take several heavy blows from other characters, while a respectable fight score means he can also deliver tough strikes of his own.”

The game’s final build will be playable for the first time at PAX Prime later next month.

As for pricing, it’s still to be announced but given the fact the Early Access price is set at $25.00 we can’t imagine it’ll deviate too far from that.

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