Tales From the Borderlands seen as a "failure" internally by Telltale

Telltale Games is known to make fantastic adventure games. Sure, there might be a technical issue or two, but for the most part, you know what you’re getting when you jump into one of the studio’s offerings. While Tales From the Borderlands was a fantastic game, it seems that sentiment isn’t shared by the developers over at Telltale Games.

In an interesting look at the development of Tales From the Borderlands, Creative Director Nick Herman admits that the game is seen as a "failure" inside the company, and added that sales were "not awesome."

I had a hard time getting excited for the next thing. Tales was my life for two years, and internally it was perceived as a failure. Critically it was a huge success, but from a sales and production standpoint, it wasn’t awesome

So after all that, there wasn’t a whole lot of high fives and crowd surfing, but I guess we already knew that stuff would be absent at the finish line. Pierre [Shorette] and I talk about how it’s hard enough to just make a shitty thing; that’s like 75% of the work. I guess it just seems crazy to not push for that last 25% and give yourself a shot at making something special.

In case you’re wondering, Herman has left Telltale Games, which is also why he can publicly say these things, I guess. 

Regardless of its sales, Tales From the Borderlands is a fantastic adventure game and it even managed to score an excellent 9/10 from PSU.

So with this news, I gather, those rumors of a second Tales From the Borderlands season won’t be happening. Then again, Telltale might try it with a different direction, no?

Did you think Tales From was a failure? Why wasn’t it accepted commerically as Telltale’s other games? Is it just the IP or were there more factors involved in your opinion?

Source: Campo Santo via Gamasutra