Tales of Berseria announced for PS4, PS3 to celebrate 20th Anniversary

Bandai Namco announced earlier this month the existence of another entry in the Tales of franchise.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary for the franchise during the Tales of Festival 2015 in Tokyo, Bandai Namco and Hideo Baba are creating Tales of Berseria. Featuring another female protagonist, named Velvet, the game appears to focus around the life of the female pirate. Few details have been released, including the existence of other characters as of yet, but Tales of titles systematically feature a plethora of differentiated characters. Until we know more, enjoy the first look at Velvet below and check out the other screens at our Tales of Berseria page.

Tales of Berseria will release on PS4 and PS3. Tales of games tend to launch in Japan well before they receive a Western release, but we’ll know more as more is released.