Tales of Graces f coming soon to PSN, Xillia hits PS3 this summer

Are you a fan of the Tales franchise? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Tales of Graces f is coming to the PlayStation Network next week. You can pick up two digital versions of the RPG next week–the standard edition for $34.99 and the Knight Edition, which includes more than 10 DLC items, will cost $54.99. Be sure to check out our review of Tales of Graces f.

Tales of Xillia is also getting a western release on the PS3. The game is slated for a summer release. You will be able to select between two main characters and experience the game from different perspectives. You can play as either a female or male protagonist.

We can expect to hear more on Xillia in the coming weeks and months and there are more Tales announcements expected soon. Looking forward to Xillia or picking up Graces f on PSN? Let us know in the comments section below.