Tales of Vesperia coming to PS3?

A 2008 Japanese release schedule for Namco Bandai has revealed that the company is planning on bringing Tales of Vesperia to the PlayStation 3.

The game was originally believed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive, although it now appears the title will be arriving on Sony’s latest home console too. An official announcement has yet to be issued, however.

As the tenth instalment in the popular RPG series, Tales of Vesperia utilizes an enhanced version of the battle system employed in Tales of the Abyss, called the Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System (EFR-LMBS).

New gameplay features include the ability to construct rare equipment by gathering various materials, in addition to performing special attacks, which, when timed correctly, will defeat non-boss creatures in a single hit.

In addition to the standard single player campaign, it has also been confirmed that the title will include both cooperative and multiplayer game modes.

Stay tuned.