Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition announced, including limited edition figurine

Namco Bandai today announced that a collector’s edition of Tales of Xillia will be available for pre-order.

Avid fans have been waiting for Tales of Xillia for a long time now, and they’ve certainly grown more anxious with the recent release of Tales of Xillia 2 in Japan, so Namco Bandai seems to wish rewarding consumer patience with an edition of its next localized game that includes limited content.

The Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition will include everything that any dedicated fan would enjoy: a limited edition figure of Milla Maxwell, an artbook, and a "special music selection CD," according to the official Namco Bandai press release. 

Figurines usually coax gamers into investing (this one included), and the contents of the Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition will more than trip the triggers of anyone already invested in the Tales of series narrative and gameplay style, even if this edition will put gamers back $99.

Tales of Xillia, and its Collector’s Edition, will release exclusively on PlayStation 3 on August 6 for US customers. UK customers will have to wait until August 9, and this Collector’s Edition will also be available for European customers.