Tales of Zestiria may appear on PS4, according to Dutch retail posting

Bandai Namco may have new intentions with Tales of Zestiria, according to the findings of VGleaks.

The Dutch retailer Nedgame has posted a listing for Tales of Zestiria on PlayStation 4, shown below:

There have been plenty of game releases leaked by retailers through recent history, but it’s still best to wait for official word on scenarios such as these; one note to take into account is that the developer hasn’t been listed with the reordered name Bandai Namco yet. Nonetheless, the possibility is still there, considering the benefit of reaching into a pool of PS4 owners consisting of 20 million

While this is speculation, the opportunity to release Tales of Zestiria on both the PS3 and PS4 is palpable. With the PS3 still reigning supreme in Japan, having a version for both consoles would extend the reach of the Tales of franchise to a more diversified consumer base. Again, this is all speculation, but the possibility is there.

This news comes shortly after the first round of released screenshots and a taste of what Tales of Zestiria will have to offer in its story trailer. As well, news that Tales of Zestiria will feature English and Japanese dual-audio has landed, and there’s even a rumor that Zestiria may end up on PC as well.

Until we know more, make sure to check out some of the official screenshots as well as the narrative trailer, Tale of the Shepard.