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Target Practice Treasure Hunt Solution – Far Cry New Dawn

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Find out how to complete the Target Practice Treasure Hunt solution for Far Cry New Dawn. The following guide applies to the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Far Cry Dawn and will show you how to get hold off the treasure.

target practice treasure hunt far cry new dawn

Target Practice Treasure Hunt

  1. Head up the hill, following the zip-line to find a tunnel leading underground.
  2. Follow the tunnel until you come to a room full of cogs and a yellow lever.
  3. Pull the lever, and it will trigger some moving targets.
  4. Hit the targets just to the right of the lever, and another set of targets will start moving behind you.
  5. Shoot them, and the door will open leading to the treasure.

Enjoy your rewards, and be sure to search to safe to grab some Titanium. You can watch the Target Practice puzzle in full in the video below.