Tatsunoko vs Capcom revealed, possibly heading to PS3

Capcom seems to enjoy a good brawl with other companies. This mustn’t be taken literally of course, but Capcom characters have often squared off against the likes of those within other universes in such titles as Marvel vs Capcom and SNK vs Capcom. It appears they’re at it again as the just-revealed Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes proves.

Published by Capcom, this arcade fighting game is set to feature characters from Tatsunoko Production and Capcom, including Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter, Ken Washio from Gatchaman, Speed Racer from Hiroshi Sasagawa’s Speed Racer and many more.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom is set to release sometime during 2008 in arcades, but we’ve heard whispers that the title will later be ported to PS3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for official word later this year.