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Team Ninja Goes Behind-The-Scenes On Rise Of The Ronin, Reveals New Missions And Gameplay Changes Coming Soon

Rise Of The Ronin developer Team Ninja published a new blog post on PlayStation Blog that does a little behind-the-scenes dive into Rise Of The Ronin’s connections to Team Ninja’s past, specifically Ninja Gaiden and Nioh.

Along with that stroll down memory and easter-egg lane, Team Ninja also revealed that a new update is coming to Rise Of The Ronin “later this week,” which will include new missions, gameplay changes, and more.

There will be 5 new ally missions, new dojo training partners, and changes to missions and gameplay. You can see the full list of changes and additions below.

New and expanded content

  • 5 new Ally Missions added.
  • When replaying a world in Midnight, you can choose to have Public Order deteriorate again.
  • Level sync selection feature added to missions from Testament of the Soul.
  • Two new Set Bonuses added to Midnight difficulty.
  • Addition of dojo training partners.
  • Add Martial Skill type bonus and raise limit of target score.

Gameplay Improvements

  • When equipped with the same weapon type on weapons 1 and 2, the number of styles can be expanded to a maximum of 6.

  • Changed the specifications so that special equipment will be given even if the player does not confess.

  • Changed the specifications so that greetings with characters after a breakup will return to normal over time.

  • Adjusted to make it easier for asynchronous characters to be selected.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]