Team Ninja: PS3 is most powerful system out there

According to Team Ninja director Yosuke Hayashi (Ninja Gaiden Sigma), the PlayStation 3 has the most potential out of current generation consoles and is the most powerful system available on the market.

"For the PlayStation 3, we do not believe that we’ve seen the fullest of its potential from any standpoint," said Hayashi.

"The developers have been releasing products, but there is a bigger potential. There is greater potential, and we see that possibility the most in the PlayStation 3. It’s going to be up to us developers and Sony to make sure that that does happen."

Hayashi further added that he believes the PS3 the most powerful system available, but that games developed exclusively for the console will be greater than that on the Xbox 360 because developers will be able to put 100% focus into using the systems strengths.

Hayashi added that he believes Sony’s black box is the most powerful games console available, and agrees that games developed exclusively for one platform would be of far better quality than if they were created for multiple consoles.

"For any developer that’s been working on all of the platforms that are available today, I think they would agree that the PlayStation 3 is the most powerful system out there," said Hayashi.

"I agree that if we work exclusively with one console that the final product will be a better game than if we were to create it simultaneously for multiple platforms.

”Each system has its own philosophy behind it, so it’s a matter if you can concentrate and focus 100 percent to adapt to that, or if you’re going to have to balance that out with other titles."