Tekken x Street Fighter is ‘long term project,’ says series producer

The producer behind Namco Bandai’s Tekken franchise has revealed that crossover fighter Tekken x Street Fighter is still in the pipeline, and that it’s a ‘long term’ project.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the Tokyo Game Show this week, Katsuhiro Harada made it clear the Street Fighter x Tekken companion title has made progress since its unveiling three years ago.

“We do have assets created and some of the materials,” he said. “It’s just that we’re looking at the circumstances and what direction people are going in, what platform as there’s a change in the market. I’m thinking long term about that.”

Elsewhere, Harada-san was quizzed on whether the beat-‘em-up genre could transition into a free-to-play market indefinitely, especially in light of the release of Namco’s Tekken Revolution and the new SoulCalibur title.

“I don’t see that the entire genre’s going to go that way,” said Harada-san. “There are some fans that perhaps would rather buy a package and be done with it, and play as much as they like.”

Tekken x Street Fighter uses the same engine as the recent crop of Tekken titles, so expect bouts to be in full 3D – something which as caused a few headaches for Harada-san’s team in regards to Street Fighter’s projectile-based attacks.

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