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Terminator: Survivors Revealed, Coming To PS5 Following PC Early Access Release Later This Year

Terminator: Survivors has been revealed as the Terminator game that Nacon has been teasing for some time now.

It was showcased during a Nacon Connect event where it was revealed that it’ll be launching on PC as an Early Access title, will be released on PS5 and other consoles later when the 1.0 release is ready.

You’ll play either on your own or co-operatively as survivors trying to stay alive in the wake of the Skynet robots taking over the Earth, with their main objective being to eradicate the world of all human life.

It’s an open-world survival game being developed by Nacon and published by Nacon Studio Milan.

You can check out the new trailer for Terminator: Survivors for yourself, below.

The trailer still doesn’t really go into how the gameplay will look or feel, but knowing that it’s a solo or co-op survival game does give us a better sense of what it might be like.

As we get closer to the release on PC it’ll be interesting to learn more about Terminator: Survivors.

Source – [Nacon via Gematsu]