Terraria 1.6 PS4 update rolls out, patch notes revealed

2D sandbox adventure game, Terraria, has received a new update this week for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

Terraria PS4 update 1.06 fixes numerous issues and bugs, which are detailed below.

terraria console update

Terraria update patch notes

  • Various edge-case crash bugs fixed
  • Stability in multiplayer games improved (helping push down the cost of renting a Terraria server)
  • No more crashes when renaming chests; chests function correctly in network games
  • Slimer achievement now unlocks
  • Rebought items can be reforged
  • Many fishing issues fixed
  • New levers actuate correctly
  • Spectre set bonus working correctly
  • Dragon, Spectral and Titan armour now craftable with Titanium
  • Tizona, Tonbogiri and Vulcan Repeater now craftable with Titanium
  • Elf Archer no longer immune to cannonball fire
  • Flairon, Sharknado glitches resolved
  • No longer autobuy first item from a Merchant
  • tems no longer auto-equip when you don't expect it

Taking place in a procedurally generated world, Terraria features crafting, construction, exploration and combat. It's proven to be immensely popular with over 18 million copies sold worldwide.

Find out more details on the Terrarria 1.6 PS4 update.