Feature Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2007

TGS 2007: PSU’s Complete Coverage

The Tokyo Game Show begins on Thursday September 20th and it could be the biggest gaming event of the year. Open to the public, TGS now overshadows the previously dominant E3 in terms of scale and, perhaps, in terms of showcasing the top titles of this year and beyond.

Kaz Hirai is due to give his keynote speech at 10.30am local time. That’s 6.30pm Pacific time on Wednesday September 19th or 2.30am UK time on September 20th. We’ll be providing full updates of Kaz’s speech, as well as the rest of TGS which runs for three days.

Below is a complete compilation of all PSU’s TGS 2007 coverage. It will be updated throughout the event, so be sure to bookmark this page and return regularly.

And finally, let’s all hope this is Sony’s best Tokyo Game Show yet!


Capcom to make 3 major announcements at TGS
Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to be announced at TGS
Square to announce yet another Final Fantasy at TGS?
Famitsu hints at Final Fantasy VII remake
Metal Gear Solid 4 details arrive from TGS
FFVII 10th Anniversary Potions
Rumble confirmed in Burnout Paradise
TGS 07: MGS4 trailer online now!
Konami: Metal Gear Solid 4 to release in Winter 07

Thursday September 20 2007

Dual Shock 3 announced
Switch on your PS3 remotely!
PlayStation Home delayed
New Afrika trailer released!
Sony announces latest PlayStation sales figures
PlayStation Store: PSP & PC support
Sony acquires two new developers
GT5 Prologue Japan release date announced
Dual Shock 3 rumble-compatible titles revealed

Friday September 21 2007

Phil Harrison talks Dual Shock 3
Tokyo Games Show MGS4 demo not coming to PSN
New Kingdom Hearts titles announced
Monster Hunter 2G announced for PSP
MotorStorm 2 officially announced
TGS 2007: Sony fails to confirm a price cut

Saturday September 22 2007

GT5 Prologue Japan details
TGS 2007: Home just got a bit more fashionable
A non-beautiful Katamari to roll onto PS3