TGS 2012: Team Ninja unveils Ninja Gaiden Z

Team Ninja has joined forces with Spark Unlimited and Keiji Inafune to produce Ninja Gaiden Z; an all-new entry in the bloody hack-‘n-slash franchise featuring cel-shaded visuals.

Substantial details have yet to be revealed, though it is known the game will feature zombies, hence the ‘Z’ subtitle. The game is also confirmed to be Inafune-san’s ‘Yaiba’ project.

Yaiba is in fact the name of the Z’s protagonist, who is said to be on the hunt for Ryu Hayabusa, who fans of the series will no doubt be acquainted with. Platforms as well as a release date have yet to be announced.

Elsewhere, the developer also confirmed that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be coming to PlayStation Vita in early 2013. This follows the release of the original Sigma, which was a launch title for Sony’s high-powered handheld.

Stay tuned.