The Best Games Based On Movies

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If you were a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 owner a few years back, then the game of the movie was a much bigger deal than it is today. After being awestruck in the cinema, it made absolute sense to try and recreate incredible action sequences and set pieces back at home, and game developers weren't oblivious to the fact that reliving the action was big business.

From hacking and slashing orcs in the early Lord of the Rings games to stealthily taking down enemies in the Arkham series of games, there's something very rewarding about stepping into your hero's shoes.

Although games based on movies seem like a sure-fire recipe for success, the opposite can actually sometimes be true. Unfortunately, movie studios often see video games as more of an additional revenue stream rather than something that is going to add value to a particular movie universe, and we've seen more than a few shameless cash-ins over the years that have been less about quality, and more about increasing profit. Just look at the dreadful Iron Man game from the first movie, or the truly awful Charlie's Angels game on PS2 that got one of the worst Metacritic reviews in history.

Amongst the shameless tie-ins however there are some AAA games that have made it possible to extend a movie experience past the big screen. Here are 5 of the ones we've enjoyed most in recent years, as well as a couple of quirky entries that offer something a little different to PlayStation fans.

Batman: Arkham series

Getting away from the boring hack and slash format that has plagued previous Batman games, Asylum was all about sneaking around various tricky levels, with plenty of strategy and thought required over out and out fighting.

The game does a great justice to the Batman and DC Universe, and stand outs include Mark Hamill's portrayal of the Joker, and the same brooding, nightmare-esque environments seen in recent comic book tie-ins and of course Nolan's films. The most recent game, Arkham Knight, still looks and feels great 3 years on.

best games based on movies

The Big Lebowski slot game

Slot games aren't so big when it comes to dedicated console games, but winning some extra cash on your PS3 or PS4 is totally possible by accessing your preferred casino provider through the browser. There's no doubt that the Big Lebowski is an absolute cult class, and the Big Lebowski slot game does it real justice. With plenty of movie references and symbols that include some cool easter eggs, this one is a fun pick-me-up that could actually net you some extra cash at the same time.

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Ghostbusters: The Game

Back in 2009, a strange thing happened. After radio silence since the 80s, the Ghostbusters finally came back into pop culture thanks to a satisfying platformer that brought all the subtle comedy and fun of the original movies to PlayStation. Gameplay was good if not a little short, and the levels were packed with content that gave Ghostbusters plenty of replay value. It could have been half the game it is and still better than the awful 2015 remake, and the even more woeful tie-in game.

Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War

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The Lord of the Rings movies changed cinema completely back in the 2000s, but the first few game tie-ins didn't really do the scale of Peter Jackson's vision any justice. Luckily, the Shadow series has brought LOTR right into the next generation of consoles, and both games are absolutely packed with references, new characters and the epic feel of the films. The latest in the series, Shadow of War which came out in 2017, takes the sneak / slash concept of Shadow of Mordor and ramps up the action, creating a game which feels truly massive in every sense.

Jurassic Park

The ultimate dinosaur movie series is back! Jurassic World was a hit at the box office and its 2018 sequel is eagerly anticipated. Game developers are seizing the opportunity to develop a game as the excitement builds. Jurassic World: Evolution is due this summer. The game apparently allows players to build their own Jurassic Park, including break outs, corporate espionage and disasters that should all enhance the gameplay.

Previous Jurassic Park games have been largely disappointing, the depth has certainly been lacking since the decent Lost World game in 1997. Jurassic World: Evolution is hoping to change all that and provide fans of the films with the game quality they have been craving for years.

What's your favourite movie tie-in? Do you think we've missed any from this list? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!