The best Minecraft maps on PS4 and PS3 and how to install them

The Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition launched in October 2014 and in May 2014 for PS3, which has given players ample opportunity to create some incredible Minecraft maps which can be downloaded and installed (at your own risk) so that you can enjoy them too.

First up, we’re going to show you a selection of five of our favourite Minecraft maps created by the incredibly passionate and talented Minecraft community. Overleaf you’ll also find out how you can install them on your PS4 and PS3.

Note: If you want to download Minecraft maps, you’ll have to go out into the world wide web and search for links as we don’t want to be responsible should they not work or infect your PC with something rather nasty.

Check out these bad boys…

Stonebrook Hunger Games map
There have been many maps inspired by Hunger Games, where players have to focus on surviving, but this has got to be one of the best, with its beautiful medieval setting.

Nuketown map
Inspired by the Nuketown multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops,this map has been faithfully recreated in stunning detail. And…there’s no screaming kids shouting “noob” down the microphone, which is a bonus.


Skyrim map
One of the most iconic video games of all-time lovingly recreated with more man hours that it took to build a dozen Egyptian pyramids. Get lost in Tamriel, again.


A crazy, surreal map with an immense challenge for those brave enough to take it and search for those chests without falling into the void. One for the patient amongst you.


Destiny Hunger Games
We’re huge fans of Destiny at PlayStation Universe, so wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to marvel at this superb creation, which takes you on a journey of the Tower.

Of course, these are just some of our favourite maps. There are many sites that specialise in Minecraft that are worth checking out for a wider selection.

How to install Minecraft Maps on PS4 and PS3 overleaf…


How to install Minecraft maps

– Find a download link. Head for Google and type in Minecraft maps, or the name of a specific map
– Download the map and whack it on a USB stick
– On your console, shut down any applications, including games
– Open Application Saved Data Management
– Find the saved data on USB storage device
– Copy data to system storage
– Go to Minecraft PlayStation Edition
– Select the files and copy
– Now go play and enjoy the maps

Always check carefully before downloading a file from the internet. Look for reputable sources.