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The Callisto Protocol Has Officially Gone Gold

The Callisto Protocol has officially gone gold, announced developer Striking Distance Studios today on Twitter.

For those unaware, the phrase ‘gone gold’ is a development term which refers to a game hitting the point in its development where it is ready to be released, minus some potential polishing that may still be required.

It’s the kind of news players want to see, especially after a rumour that was later proven false giving some fans concern about another potential delay for The Callisto Protocol.

Thankfully of course that’s not the case, and we’ll all be able to jump into whatever horrors Glen Scholfield and the Striking Distance team have in store.

Striking Distance also got a little cheeky when it confirmed that The Callisto Protocol wouldn’t be delayed, by taking advantage of the current conversation around frame rate in games, and the inclusion or lack there of for a 60 FPS performance mode.

In The Callisto Protocol’s case, a 60 FPS performance mode is included, so players need not worry there.

Source – [Striking Distance Studios]

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