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The Division 2 – Best Skills To Unlock First

The Division 2 - Best Skills To Unlock First

The Division 2 offers eight different skills to use during combat. These improve your arsenal and grant you new abilities to help you take down the deadly enemy factions. You can equip two of these at a time and they are activated using the shoulder buttons. Each skill also has multiple different variants, allowing you to truly customise your loadout to your playstyle.

This article will detail all of the skills, their variants, and what they do. We will also tell you which to unlock at the beginning of the game to give you the edge in The Division 2’s tactical cover-based combat. Each Skill is initially unlocked for 1 Skill Point and 1 SHD Tech. The variants will then cost 5 SHD Tech to unlock.

The Division 2 Skills List

  • Pulse
    • Scanner – The Scanner pulses the surrounding area highlighting hostiles on your HUD.
    • Remote – The Remote can be deployed at a set location. It will then continuously pulse the surrounding area, highlighting hostiles on your HUD.
    • Jammer – The Jammer pulses outwards from your Agent, overloading and disabling enemy electronics.
  • Turret
    • Assault – The Assault Turret tracks targets and attacks them. You can manually command it to attack a specific enemy.
    • Incinerator – The Incinerator Turret is manually controlled by you. Once deployed it will shoot streams of flames in a forward-facing cone.
    • Sniper – The Sniper Turret fires high-calibur rounds at manually selected targets.
  • Hive
    • Restorer – The Restorer Hive sends out small repair drones that replenish your allies’ armor.
    • Stinger – The Stinger Hive sends out small drones that attack and distract enemies.
    • Reviver – The Reviver Hive deploys small drones which revive downed allies.
    • Booster – The Booster Hive deploys a stimulant to nearby allies increasing their combat efficiency.
  • Chem Launcher
    • Reinforcer – The Reinforcer canister dispenses a cloud of gas which repairs and reinforces allies’ armor.
    • Firestarter – The Firestarter canister creates a cloud of explosive gas which ignites when shot or an explosive goes off in its radius.
    • Riot Foam – The Riot Foam canister fires sticky foam immobilising targets.
    • Oxidizer – The Oxidizer cannister releases a cloud of corrosive gas. This gas damages enemy armor, skill proxies, and causes damage over time.
  • Firefly
    • Blinder – The Blinder Firefly blinds enemies it passes by. This makes them dazed and unable to shoot and use explosives for a short window of time.
    • Burster – The Burster Firefly attaches explosive charges to targets. The charges then detonate if two are in close proximity.
    • Demolisher – The Demolisher Firefly damages or destroys enemy weak spots, skill proxies, and explosives in the environment.
  • Seeker Mine
    • Explosive – The Explosive Seeker Mine can be deployed to track down hostiles, exploding when next to them.
    • Airburst – The Airburst Seeker Mine rolls towards a target and launches an explosive burst into the air when close to it.
    • Cluster – The Cluster Seeker Mine splits into smaller Seeker mines. Each one will track down an enemy and explode when in close proximity.
  • Drone
    • Striker – The Striker Drone tracks targets and fires at them, attempting to maintain line of sight.
    • Defender – The Defender Drone deflects incoming bullets from an emitter beneath it.
    • Bombardier – The Bombardier Drone deploys a payload of miniature explosives between two points designated by the Agent.
    • Fixer – The Fixer Drone replenishes nearby allies’ armor. It can be manually targeted on a specific Agent.
  • Shield
    • Bulwark – The Bulwark Shield provides almost full-body coverage. However, only sidearms can be used with it.
    • Crusader – The Crusader shield is light and allows the use of primary weapons. However, the Agent’s legs are exposed.
    • Deflector – The Deflector Shield causes incoming bullets to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target, providing there is a clear line of sight. It does not cover the Agent’s full body and only sidearms can be used with it.

The Division 2 - Best Skills To Unlock First

Which The Division 2 Skills To Unlock First

You can pick any of these skills early on in the game. However, there are a few that we would recommend, depending on a few factors.

If you are playing alone, the Scanner Pulse variant is a good starting option. This ensures that you are constantly aware of nearby enemies and are prepared for every fight. However, its range is limited. The Firestarter Chem Launcher is also a good starting option as it can cover a wide area and take out a group of enemies easily. The Blinder Firefly is also a good option due to its ability to stun enemies. Finally, the Cluster Seeker Mine is a good option due to its ability to affect multiple enemies.

If you are playing as a team, your choices should be different. Any skill that provides health regeneration, revives, or buffs are a good first choice. Therefore, the Restorer, Reviver, or Booster Hive is a good skill to pickup early on. The Reinforcer Chem Launcher is also a good alternative. Similarly, the Fixer Drone is a good option due to it being able to move around easily. Finally, to deal some damage, the Firestarter Chem Launcher is a good choice again as you can combine it with your fellow Agent’s gunfire and explosives.

We hope this guide has helped you make the important Skill choice at the beginning of the game. You can check out our full hub of The Division 2 content, which we will be updating and adding to in the coming days.