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The Division 2 Dark Zones and Multiplayer Discussed in New Agent Briefing

The Division 2 beta content

A new gameplay video, or “Agent Briefing” as Ubisoft is calling it, has been published over on YouTube, offering us our closest look yet at The Division 2 Dark Zones/organised PvP content.

That is Dark Zones plural. As Ubisoft has now revealed, The Division 2 will feature a grand total of three Dark Zones come launch day, each located in a different corner of post-outbreak Washington DC.

A Closer Look at The Division 2 Dark Zones

Located in the East (Capital Station), South (Waterfront), and West (Georgetown) of the map, all three Dark Zones feature their own distinctive landmarks, challenges, and a wide variety of environments. Making for a subtly different experience each and every time you enter one of these untouched areas.

It’s not just the quantity of Dark Zones that sets The Division 2 apart from its predecessor, either. The fundamental way in which they operate has also undergone some significant changes.

There are now three different classifications of Rogue agent, for instance. These being Rogue, Disavowed Rogue, and Manhunt Status. While automated turrets help protect new comers from the more predatory breed of rogue agent.

More importantly, Ubisoft has worked hard to level the playing field in The Division 2.

Unlike the original game, a player’s base stats will reset upon entering one of the three Dark Zones. Helping to ensure that veteran agents (who’ve had more time to scavenge gear, fine-tune their build etc. in the main game) don’t have an unfair advantage over their less experienced fellows.

That’s not to say it’s been completely geared up towards newcomers; Occupied Dark Zones will also appear sporadically throughout the game.

‚ÄúToday, we are introducing dynamic, server-wide events called Occupied Dark Zones. During these events, all expected Dark Zone rules change. The concept of SHD and Rogue are completely gone; you are simply a player trying to reap the best rewards in our most hardcore environment. This translates to no Rogue states, a limited notification system, friendly fire active, and no normalization, allowing you to utilize every ounce of your build.”

Conflict: The Division 2’s Organised PvP Offering

Alongside the game’s reworked Dark Zones, The Division 2 will feature an organised PvP experience upon launch known as Conflict. Two of these supporting modes have been showcased so far: Domination and Skirmish.

In Domination, teams battle for control of three capture zones, with points being awarded for occupying one of these zones or whenever a player performs a “special action”. Skirmish, meanwhile, offers a more traditional, TDM-style experience.

Both Domination and Skirmish are set across three new maps (located outside of the main story), support eight players (split into two teams of four), and boast their own separate progression system. The latter of which offers a treasure trove of rewards that can be used in the open-world portions of the game.

Naturally, these are only the first steps; both areas of the game will continue to evolve over the coming months.

The Division 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in just over two months’ time on the 15th March. However, those keen to get some hands-on time with Ubisoft’s latest tactical shooter before release day can do so via the upcoming beta, currently scheduled to commence on Thursday the 7th February.

Information on how to gain access to the beta can be found here.