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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.06 Patch Notes Confirmed For PS4

Bethesda has confirmed details on The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.06 patch notes for your consumption, which comes packing a bunch of key additions for the MMORPG.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.06 Patch Notes


Exploration & Itemization


  • Excavation
    • Updated the tooltips for Excavation abilities to more clearly indicate how much dirt they remove, in what shape, and how the abilities interact with one another and with the dig site.
  • Leads
    • The Leads for the following Antiquities will now drop properly from their intended sources:
      • Heartland
      • Moth-Priest Cleansing Bowl
      • Silvenari Sap-Stone
      • Tri-Angled Truth Altar
    • Fixed an issue where Antiquity Leads were only being found in Treasure Chests with Simple locks. They can now be found in Treasure Chests of all lock difficulties, and Treasure Chests with tougher locks are more likely to have Leads in them.

Monsters & NPCs


  • Lyris no longer randomly admonishes you for crime.

Quests & Zones


  • Added two new Wayshrines along the northern coast of Western Skyrim, near the sites of the two northernmost Harrowstorm ritual sites.


  • Harrowstorms will no longer have a chance to get into a “stuck” state and prevent new storms from forming.


  • Bound in Blood: If your character dies in the Crypts, you will no longer be blocked from going through the Crypt Vault door.
  • The Maelmoth Mysterium:
    • The bottle can now be viewed more easily.
    • You will now have more accurate information on your map during the door puzzle.


Alliance War & PVP


  • Fixed an issue where you could revive in place using unintended ways.

Art & Animation


  • The Prismatic Banner Ribbon now correctly displays the rainbow trail.
  • Fixed a visual issue where some ground textures could appear blurry until reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could clip into their nameplates after transforming.

Crown Store And Crown Crates


  • Fixed an issue where some cards displayed while opening the Nightfall Crate would appear blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mournhold Packrat’s description did not inform you that purchasing the pet would increase inventory capacity.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a non-combat pet tried to crouch before being fully loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where textures could shift their position within packfiles, potentially causing the download size of a patch to be larger than necessary.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during player trades in rare situations.
  • Made some improvements for situations where you could get a random load screen.