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The First Descendant PS5 Supports Fidelity & Performance Modes, VRR & DualSense Haptic Feedback

Nexon Games has announced a number of key details on the PS5 version of The First Descendant, including support for multiple graphics modes and a full suite of DualSense features.

First up, the Fidelity Mode will offer 4K resolution and high-quality visuals thanks to HDR support, with Performance Mode allowing for up to 60 FPS for a smoother gameplay experience. Furthermore, The Last Descendant will include support for VRR, offering a stable gameplay experience without frame limits.

Meanwhile, the game will include full DualSense support, with adaptive triggers making each weapon class feel unique.

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For instance, a light handgun’s adaptive triggers will be lighter than a heavy launcher or a sniper rifle with heavier trigger pressures, each providing a unique experience. Through the adaptive triggers, our Dev team created a much more immersive experience when using weapons.

Haptic Feedback is also part of the package and is applied to various areas of the game, such as the direction a boss appears and walks towards, and the direction in which you’re attacked.

The First Descendant Cross-Play Open Beta is due to take place from September 19 – 25.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]