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The Game Awards 2023’s Geoff Keighley Explains Why It’s Moving Away From World Premiere Branding

Geoff Keighley has revealed during a Q&A over the weekend that he’s unsure about the exact number of world premieres for The Game Awards 2023, revealing that the show this year will be distancing itself from the branding.

When asked by a viewer regarding the number of ‘world premieres’ at this year’s event, Keighley commented:

I don’t know [if there will be the same amount]. I haven’t counted, honestly. I think around the same, but I don’t know… also, what is a world premiere? Actually, you’ll see this year, we often put up those cards, ‘world premiere, world premiere’… we’re kind of moving away from that, just because everything’s kind of, ‘is it a first look? Is it an announcement?’ etc. So we just treat it all as great game content.

I don’t want to quote a number, because then it’s going to reverberate on the internet… but it’s probably similar to past years in terms of the length of the show and content.

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We went a little bit shorter last year, or we tried to, but then Chris Judge took his sweet time with his speech. It’s probably going to be similar to last year with a little bit shorter show.

The Game Awards 2023 will kick off December 7, 2023 at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles.