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The Last Campfire Revealed as No Man’s Sky Developer’s New Game

The Last Campfire, the new game from the developer of No Man’s Sky, has been revealed.

The experience looks somber and reflective. Soft, soulful music played over a trailer that showed diminutive, robed creatures rowing down a river through vibrant environments. The colors, atmosphere, and visuals evoke Journey, and we’re expecting an intimate narrative experience.

Described as a “Hello Games Short” in its debut trailer, The Last Campfire will be a significant departure from Hello Games’ infamous No Man’s Sky, an incredibly ambitious game that continues to be divisive years after release. No Man’s Sky is sci-fi at its most epic, with billions of planets to explore in a massively multiplayer sandbox setting. Its pre-launch hype and ever-shifting development has made No Man’s Sky one of the most scrutinized titles in gaming history.

In stark contrast, The Last Campfire looks to be a solo narrative with limited scope but, perhaps, a heartfelt message. Check out the debut trailer: