The Last Guardian gets brief update

The creator behind Sony’s MIA adventure The Last Guardian has issued a brief update on the PlayStation 3-exclusive adventure.

Chatting with Kotaku, Fumito Ueda revealed he is still working with Team ICO on the ambitious boy-meets-griffin beast romp, saying “It’s business as usual.”

“The only things that’ve really changed are the terms of my contract,” he added.

The latter comment of course refers to the fact Ueda-san left Sony late last year and is instead now working on Guardian in a freelance capacity.

He wouldn’t, however, be drawn into touching on exactly how far the project has come in terms of development.

The Last Guardian was officially unveiled at E3 2009 and has been conspicuously absent ever since. Sony has insisted the game is still on track and will ‘ship when it’s ready,’ though the title has seen numerous delays over the past few years, having originally been on track for a holiday 2011 launch.

This hasn’t stopped people from speculating that the game may have in fact jumped ship to PlayStation 4 however, though Sony itself denies this.

Stay tuned.